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Why medical education?

In Sub-Saharan Africa, there are roughly 2.3 healthcare workers for every 1,000 people. They face a critical shortage of physicians, and rely heavily on aid and human resources from foreign countries to meet basic needs. But donations are a short-term fix. Self-suffiency starts with education.

Join us in the effort to establish sustainable solutions to the physician shortage in Sub-Saharan Africa and add your voice to strengthening health systems in our interdependent world. The documentary A Doctor of My Own explores the pitfalls, emotional battles, and ethical issues in training young physicians at this pivotal stage in transforming the face of global healthcare. Read more about the current state of medical education in Sub-Saharan Africa here (SAMSS) and about developing consortia of medical schools in Sub-Saharan Africa here (CONSAMS). Stay up to date on the latest developments toward reaching the United Nations Millennium Development Goals while learning how empowering countries from the grass-roots can effect change.